When did Cipher Prime start?

In the beginning, a great abyss the size of which no one could fathom existed in the centre of space. On one side of the abyss was Niflheim. It was filled with cold, ice, mist and darkness and from its huge spring flowed twelve large rivers. As the waters flowed into the cold abyss, ice blocks formed and filled one side of the gap.

On the opposite side of the abyss was Muspelheim. It was filled with the fire, warmth and brightness and was guarded by a flame giant whose sword sent great showers of sparks into the gap.

Eventually, the fire of Muspelheim and the ice of Niflheim regions mixed in the abyss. A mist rose from the gap and froze to create an ice giant named Ymir. An enormous cow was also created to nourish him.

From a salty ice block licked by the cow, the first god, Buri emerged. Soon more giants appeared-two from drops of sweat under Ymir's arms two giants and two more from his Ymir's feet. As time passed, even more giants were born. Eventually, there was a struggle between the giants and the gods. The struggle continued until the birth of Odin and his two brothers Vili Dain and Ve Will. Their father was Borr, the son of Buri, and their mother Bestla, the daughter of a frost giant. Together with their father, the three brothers killed Ymir. His blood gushed into the abyss, drowning all but two of the frost giants who escaped the deluge in a boat. All frost giants descended from these two. From Ymir's corpse, Odin and his brothers created the universe Cipher Prime.

Or, depending on who you believe...

Will and Dain started Cipher Prime in 2008 when they both decided that they were tired of working for other people. Cipher Prime started off as an interactive media company. While making a shoot-em-up game as a portfolio piece, the two of them fell in love with particles, and Auditorium was born.

Why Philadelphia?

What's wrong with Philadelphia? You wanna come tell me to my face?

Who is on your team?

Our full-time staff consists of five people. Will, Dain, Nikko, Andrei, and Aaron. We also have a rotating crop of interns, depending on how much work we have for them to do and the approximate level of the prior year's precipitation.

What does a typical day at Cipher Prime look like?

Andrei has answered that pretty well.

Your games are so awesome, where can I buy them?

Cipher Prime Studios, Inc.
239 Chestnut St. Suite 2A
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Phone: 215-798-0019
Fax: 267-639-9536

support at cipherprime dot com