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  • “Cipher Prime have simply ensured that the whole game is fixated around having the player play around with things, tapping into natural human curiosity and the will to play with things to see how they work. To me, it’s the right choice in terms of game design.”
    Chris Priestman, indiestatik.com
  • “We've been giving you the opportunity to tell us your favourite game...and the winner is: Splice: Tree of Life”
  • “This emphasis on simplicity is carried through to the game’s aesthetic design. The whole game is quite literally submerged in a blissful underwater existence.”
    AdamBlades, oneclickmac.com
  • “If you’re not hypnotized by the music and vibrant stages, you’ll probably get frustrated when you’ve hit a snag.”
  • “Head-scratching microbial puzzles abound. Who knew making life could be so tough?”
  • “Creates a striking mood, and it wordlessly communicates its principles quite well.”
    Mike Schramm, tuaw.com
  • “Part eye-candy, part lobe-tickling puzzler, Splice : Tree of Life is a gorgeously presented concept... definitely worth adding to your puzzle collection.”
    Andrew Nesvadba, appspy.com
  • “Really, we should all keep our brains active. So why not do so with an elegant video game?”
    Tina Amini, kotaku.com.au
  • “Beautiful and slick visuals make this fresh puzzler stand out. The soundtrack's fantastic too.”
    John Bedford, modojo.com
  • “There is no get past a level for free option, and if you get stuck beyond salvation you have to resort to youtube.”
    Torbjorn Kamblad, Sweden, touchgen.net
  • “Während ihr im Spielverlauf immer komplexer werdende Zellmuster vervollständigen müsst, streichelt Splice mit schöner Grafik und entspannender Musikuntermalung eure Seele.”
    chris, ifun.de
  • “Splice is as much an experiment in puzzle creation as it is in aesthetic individualism. Couched in these aesthetics is the hinting of something more angelic. The other thing that strikes me as so beautiful about this game is the way that the game insinuates meaning without the need of a belabored narrative.”
    Ken Hannahs, nightmaremode.net
  • “Cipher Prime's new game, Splice, provides a zen atmosphere while you splice microbes.”
  • “Splice makes you feel dead stupid and dead clever over and over again”
    Mike Rose, gamezebo.com
  • “Whereas similarly smart and science-y titles like SpaceChem, or even Portal 2, can continue indefinitely, the experiments here will eventually end, and it's a testament to how much Splice gets under your skin (as cells do) that you won't want them to.”
    Aaron Riccio, slantmagazine.com
  • ““Ma che cazzo è questo gioco, cioè costa pure soldi?! Ma neanche su kongragate ci sono delle merde così”, poi si inizia a giocare per inerzia e, infine, mezz’ora dopo si capisce di star giocando al gioco migliore sulla faccia della terra e ci si chiede perché la propria mano sia così grossa. ”
    Davide A. Fiandra, theindieshelter.com
  • “Il s'agit d'un "jeu de réflexion artistique et expérimental" dont le principe n'est pas forcément facile à saisir au départ.”
  • “L'équipe derrière Auditorium revient avec un nouveau puzzle-game à la musique envoûtante.”
  • “... an imperial understanding of logic and visual know-how will be crucial tools for success”
    Richard Glenn, diygamer.com
  • “...senses are stimulated by the color choices, user interfaces, animation of the cells, and puzzles themselves.”
    John Polson, indiegames.com
  • “Splice is an incredibly enjoyable experience.”
    Mike Fahey, kotaku.com
  • “Splice blends color and music to create a powerful, engaging atmosphere.”
    Eric Smith, philly.com

  • “Music lovers and iPad owners, Pulse has arrived and it's what you’ve been waiting for.”
    Ozzie Mejia, shacknews.com
  • “The design and look of this app is outstanding.”
    evan, appremium.com
  • “Your gameplay can be a real miracle. You get to be a conductor, master of multi-touch and note-defeater.”
  • “The bottom line. This is a must play. Volume One is No. 1 with a bullet.”
    Susie Ochs, maclife.com
  • “Combined with the game mechanic, feeling the beat of the music or the meandering soft melody will easily lull you into a trance. Letting the visuals wash over you, you’re fingers begin to dance across the screen, hitting down beats and triplets, weaving from top to bottom, index to pinky finger.”
    Chuck Lawton, wired.com
  • “Simple, elegant, stylish; these are the perfect words to describe Pulse: Volume One from Cipher Prime Studios.”
    Stephen Heller, apple.mmgn.com
  • “Pulse is beautiful, fun, challenging, and a great stress reliever music-and-rhythm game for the iPad.”
    Michael Aulia, cravingtech.com
  • “If radar technology was designed by hippies.”
    Ryan Clements, ign.com
  • “Pulse is very pretty, to the point where Apple themselves could have designed it. White concentric circles, bursts of neon, and pastel particles effects; this is what Steve Jobs sees when he closes his eyes.”
    Alex Roth, gamingtarget.com
  • “We got the silliest damn grins on our faces the first time we played Pulse: Volume One, which should tell you plenty about the allure of this smart and captivating rhythm game.”
    Andrew Hayward, gamesradar.com
  • “The amount of satisfaction derived from watching a vibrant melodic explosion of sound and color as you hit the circles at the right time is simply amazing.”
    Smoking Crows, allofmybasearebelongtoyou.wordpress.com
  • “As a slice of pure sensory gaming, with the modern-day distractions of achievements, leaderboards and even traditional scores dispensed with, Pulse is unrivalled. Its [sic] a feast for both the eyes and the ears; gaming escapism at its most musical and minimalistic.”
    infinitecontinues, infinitecontinues.net
  • “Pulse, as a game, is an aural experience, and the design is perfect for the iPad as a platform. If you have the device, this is the kind of thing you bought it for.”
    Graham Russell, snackbar-games.com
  • “Pulse: Volume One's concentric circles set the stage for a whimsical musical journey with limitless potential.”
    Mike Fahey, kotaku.com
  • “All the basics of rhythm action are in there but wrapped up in such an artistic shell that you have to ask yourself "are you actually cool enough to be allowed to play this game?"”
    Phil May, allaboutthegames.co.uk
  • “Cipher Prime truly put a lot of effort into making sure that when everything came together you’d really feel one with the music.”
    Ricardo Trejo, okaygeek.com
  • “Ready for a rhythm game that will make you feel like a musical mastermind while potentially sending your synapses into a frenzy? Pulse: Volume One has that power[.]”
    JohnB, jayisgames.com
  • “If you’ve yet to play the title (shame on you!), Pulse is a rhythm based music game that… well, it’s really unlike anything out there right now. Just go download it.”
    Eric Smith, geekadelphia.com
  • “Pulse is a beautiful rhythm game.”
    Garrett Rodriguez, examiner.com
  • “Pulse is a game about reaching for perfection. Replaying levels and experiencing that zen-like trance when orb tapping becomes second nature is the true value of the game.”
    John Bardinelli, 148apps.com
  • “[W]hat seems to set Pulse apart are the engaging techno visuals. They’re mesmerizing.”
    Thomas Wong, isource.com
  • “Pulse: Volume One is an interesting, and at times intensely beautiful, experience.”
    Will Wilson, pocketgamer.co.uk
  • “I can fully recommend Pulse: Volume 1. It’s definitely one of the best rhythm games I have played so far.”
    Timo, taparena.com
  • “[I]f you like tapping screens in time with music as you simultaneously create lovely visuals, we imagine you're really going to enjoy it.”
    Justin McElroy, joystiq.com
  • “Pulse: Volume One showcases what makes the iPad an incredible device. The music, graphics, and multi-touch, immersive, gaming experience is second to none.”
    Jeff Cormier, theipadfan.com
  • “Pulse is a seamless experience.”
    Brian Lynch, geekadelphia.com
  • “One moment you're grooving to the cheery reds and oranges of carnival-themed electronica and the next you're flicking your wrists to some nerdcore. There's some heavy metal in Pulse, as well as chiptunes and good house music. It's all good, original stuff and Cipher Prime have done a nice job culling top talent.”
    Tracy Erickson, pocketgamer.co.uk

  • “The beautiful visual style and interesting gameplay make for a compelling combination.”
  • “It's a game that allows you to feel smart, perhaps when you should just feel lucky. But there's also the hope of feeling justifiably smart - and in those moments, Fractals satisfies on a fundamental level.”
    Simon Parkin, eurogamer.net
  • “Anyone who downloads this game will get their money’s worth and then some. You will lose many hours playing Fractal, and you will love it.”
    Dustin Johnson, geekadelphia.com
  • “Overall Cipher Prime has given us a great puzzle game whose undeniable character stems from kick ass music, addictive gameplay, and superb visuals. The game garners a definite reload for me, I no doubt will be playing this again and again.”
    CommanderOfYomi, refreshandreload.com
  • “The idea of a never-ending pattern moving ever inward, or outward, is a great concept. Better yet if you can work this concept into a sleek, addictive block-based puzzle game. And that’s exactly what the budding studio “Cipher Prime” did.”
    Gameodactyl, gameosaurus.com
  • “"The simple fact you can create a chain reaction of colorful and violent explosions with one gentle touch can be exhilarating."”
    Francisco H. Salanga III, gamerlimit.com
  • “"It's a vicious, never-ending cycle of destruction I'm all too happy to engage in."”
    David Hinkle, joystiq.com
  • “"The one thing all great puzzle games share is the ability to induce players into a state where they stop thinking and are just playing. Fractal: Make Blooms Not War is one of those games and anyone looking for a cheap yet high-quality iPad puzzle game should definitely give it a look."”
    Jordan Minor, 148apps.com
  • “"Fractal: Make Blooms Not War is a different kind of puzzle game. It’s about spatial relations, not matching color or finding hidden items, and it manages to help you relax even while its driving you crazy."”
    Kirk Hiner, technologytell.com
  • “"The ambient soundtrack is gorgeous, the visuals are crisp and stylish and the game is strikingly original and fun."”
    Rob Lauer, toucharcade.com
  • “"Here is a game that combines audio and visual minimalism to convey a unique, and indeed artistic, interactive canvas. ”
    Matt Sainsbury, digitallydownloaded.net
  • “"I played through some of the first few levels being offered up by Cipher Prime as a demo for Fractal, and I was really impressed."”
    Arsen Nazaryan, diygamer.com
  • “"Cipher Prime succeeds once again in creating a puzzle with an atmosphere that pops with energy and a unique challenge."”
    Steve Lewis, jayisgames.com

  • “It is a great looking and great sounding puzzle that's a bit different from most of the other options out there, and well worth checking out.”
    Staff, indiegames.com
  • “Regardless, with so much addicting content at such a small price, you’d be remiss to overlook it. Buy it!”
    Ryan Larrabee, geek.pikimal.com
  • “Siempre está bien: sus propiedades siguen intactas, afortunadamente, aunque haya perdido un poco de lustre con el tiempo.”
    chiconuclear, anaitgames.com
  • “Auditorium is really all about the experience, both visually and aurally. ”
    Tweet About the author GamesIndustry InternationalGamesIndustry International is the world's leading games industry website, incorporating GamesIndustry.biz and IndustryGamers.com., gamesindustry.biz
  • “Part symphony, part visual art work, and part puzzle, Auditorium combines a lot of great elements to make a complete game.”
  • “Delightful, brilliant and stunning.”
  • “Now, when a game actually takes the time to make the music essential to the gameplay it blows my mind. Patapon, for instance, did just that as did Audiosurf. So does this week's Indie Revolution game, Auditorium.”
    Chris Taylor, consolemonster.com
  • “The game is both visually enticing and fun. Auditorium falls into the rare group of games created using Flash that challenge both the platform and gameplay”
    Filip Visnjic, creativeapplications.net
  • “Auditorium is a really intriguing and addictive multisensory experience — part puzzle game, part light sculpture, part musical instrument ”
    Samit Sarkar, destructoid.com
  • “Auditorium is a simple Flash puzzle game which is well worth your time”
  • “Auditorium is a really intriguing and addictive multisensory experience — part puzzle game, part light sculpture, part musical instrument ”
    Peter Cohen, macworld.com
  • “It's almost Pavlovian in its elegance. For the visually inclined, there's a certain serenity to the swirling rays of colors that is equally fulfilling.”
    Alex "Spaz" Martinez, gamerswithjobs.com
  • “Bonus marks that the game’s able to go full screen too. Definitely worth spending your lunch-hour on. I’m terrible at it. Auditorium, that is. Not lunch. I’m KING LUNCH.”
    Kieron Gillen, rockpapershotgun.com
  • “Oops, there goes my entire day!”
    Jay Hathaway, downloadsquad.switched.com
  • “Settle down, you're going to need a dark room and some headphones. ”
    Iain Simons, newstatesman.com
  • “Le jeu consiste à rediriger un flux de lumière pour alimenter des containers audio. Vous aurez plusieurs type de contrôles et des obstacles seront la pour vous mettre des battons dans le rayon. ”
    Thierry S., jouer-online.com
  • “Creative and challenging, this game has truly exceptional design and is a lot of fun to play.”
    StaceyG, jayisgames.com
  • “This is probably the most relaxing game there has been, is, or ever will be.”
    Cutesypie, e4.com

  • “The sequel to a well-loved indie project will be going ahead.”
    John Walker, rockpapershotgun.com
  • “C'est notamment le cas de Cypher Prime dont le nouveau projet, Auditorium : Due”
  • “Auditorium 2: Duet is definitely all about the co-op”
    Chris Priestman, indiegamemag.com
  • “Cipher Prime on ilmoittanut hakevansa Kickstarter-rahoitusta Auditorium-pelin jatko-osalle.”
  • “Duet aims to be a polished playground built on the experience Cipher Prime has gained developing Auditorium, Pulse and Fractal over the past three years”
    Jessica Conditt, joystiq.com