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  • Silly Person

A Morning in the Life of a CP Dev

  • 6:00amMy wife wakes me up as she gets ready for her "real person" job. Have a nice day dear!
  • 8:00amWake up for real.
  • 9:00amFinish my morning meditation, workout, drum circle, and vision quest.
  • 9:30amFinish my daily contemplation of how amazing today will be, and leave for work.
  • 10:00amThe work day begins. Golden sunlight shines through the windows and birds begin singing.
  • 10:05amThe team starts off with a round of group hugs and validation. Also, first coffee.

An Afternoon in the Life

  • 11:00amEmail hour is finished. We've solved all of our customers' technical and personal problems, forged business ties, and elevated our inboxes to a state of Zen emptiness.
  • 12:00pmSecond coffee.
  • 2:00pmThe team has finished an astonishing number development tasks. We meet in the middle of the studio and stare at each other in stunned silence, and then collectively resolve to keep the flow going in the remaining work hours.
  • 3:00pmThird coffee.

An Evening in the Life

  • 4:00pmThe Starcraft alarm goes off. We steel ourselves.
  • 6:00pmWe've crushed our enemies, seen them driven before us, and heard the lamentation of their women. So we settle down to work on personal projects that push the boundaries of beauty, technical achievement, and decency.
  • 8:00pmI bid my teammates a fond farewell, slightly choken up because I won't see them again for more than half the day.
  • 10:00pmFourth coffee, to help me sleep.

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